UPDATE Jan 07, 2015 Champaign Pit Bull Previously Declared Dangerous Bites Deputy

UPDATE - The pit bull will be put down and the owner is very upset about it.  No word on the owner's emotional state after knowing her dog had mauled someone.
UPDATE - The Champaign County Sheriff attacked by a pit bull will be out of work for 4 weeks at least.  The size of the wound was described as being big enough to fit four fingers inside and affected deep muscles.  The sheriff says this is something he never wants to go through again.

Champaign - A pit bull that had previously been declared dangerous for biting a mail carrier has bitten a Champaign County Sheriff's Deputy.  The pit bull has been impounded.

After the deputy knocked on the front door to deliver a subpoena, the pit bull barreled out of a side door and attacked the deputy leaving a severe wound.  The owner did not help the deputy who drove himself to the emergency room in the zero degree weather.

Marlo Britton was prosecuted in 2013 after the same male pit bull — its name is Boosi — attacked a mail carrier on Dec. 13, 2012, at a home in the 1400 block of Hedge Road.

Animal Control Director Stephanie Joos assures the public that even though Animal Control has had to pick the pit bull up several times since 2008, Boosi the pit bull has only sent two government employees to the hospital in the course of doing their jobs and that the owner can get Boosi back for $350 and kenneling costs.

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