Jul 07, 2014 Chicago Pit Bulls Kill Pomeranian in West Chesterfield

Chicago - “A South Side woman says she's heartbroken after two pit bulls attacked and killed her 5-year-old dog.
RIP Bear
It happened in the West Chesterfield neighborhood, as Jocilyn Floyd and her two dogs were returning from a walk. She says the pits attacked and killed her Pomeranian named "Bear." Floyd told Eyewitness News this is one of several recent attacks in the area.

"We walk our dogs as a community, to know that we're not safe to walk our dogs in the morning, or any time of the day for that matter, because we have other residents that aren't responsible dog owners, it makes things hard to feel safe," said Floyd. 

Floyd says a different pit bull killed her other Pomeranian several years ago.

Animal control caught and quarantined two dogs in the neighborhood Monday morning.”

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