Jun 08, 2014 Homer Glen Bans Vicious Dogs After Cane Corso and Pit Bull Attacks

Series of attacks prompts residents to petition for proposed ordinance

Homer Glen - The village didn’t have a vicious dog ordinance so when a cane corso killed Kathy Schubert’s miniature schnauzer named Buddy, the county animal control just gave the killer dog right back to the owners JEAN and THOMAS HART.

Schubert proposed an ordinance to ban dangerous and vicious dogs.  It turns out that her Buddy had been attacked by another of JEAN and THOMAS HART’S vicious dogs.  And other neighbors had their dogs attacked by loose pit bulls. Schubert gathered 60 signatures supporting her proposal.

The village passed that ordinance. It will not keep pit bulls and cane corsos from attacking.

Schubert says she has to go to weekly counseling to get over her loss of buddy.

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