May 21, 2014 Granite City Pit Bulls Responsible for 11 Pet Attacks and Deaths

A pair of pit bull mixes have been killing pets since last November and may be responsible for all 11 deaths to pets including the devastating home invasion attack that brutally killed three chihuahua mixes.  The pit bulls jumped over a fence into the enclosed yard and then entered the home through a doggie door to kill three chihuahua mixes.

One Chihuahua mix, Cowboy, had been dragged outside and disemboweled, so a police officer put him out of his misery.  Another dog, Bandit, was killed inside and the third, Sugarbutt, was still alive when police arrived, but mortally wounded.

The brutality of the attack devastated the owner who came home to to a horrific scene, but did not see the attack.  Other neighbors describe the same pit bull mixes as having tried to enter their homes to kill their pets.

Last year, a pit bull killed a sheltie being walked by a mentally disabled man, and these are just the most recent in a string of pit bull problems that go back many years In Granite City.  Nothing has been done and the problem seems to be getting worse.

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