Feb 24, 2014 Calumet Heights Police Shoot Two Pit Bulls

Calumet Heights - Police shot two dogs that charged at officers who were executing a search warrant in the Pill Hill neighborhood, according to authorities.
A 41-year-old man who was the target of the investigation was taken into custody. He lived in the home with an older relative, police said.
The dogs were with him in a bedroom on the first floor of the home in the 9200 block of South Merrill Avenue when police served the warrant about 10:30 p.m. Monday.
Police said the man was in bed with a gun on him and another gun on the bed when police confronted him. The dogs, described as adult pit bulls, charged at the officers a short time later. One of the dogs was killed and the other survived and was being treated by a veterinarian, police said.
Police said they seized cocaine, ecstasy and cash along with the guns during the raid. No was was injured.
A woman older than the man, possibly his aunt or mother, was home and upstairs at the time.

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