Aug 02, 2013 Buffalo Grove pit bull attacks schnauzer-poodle mix

Buffalo Grove - Cody a three year old schnauzer-poodle mix was attacked by a pit bull at the Happy Tails dog park in Buffalo Grove and received severe cuts that were treated at a nearby animal hospital.

The author of the Buffalo Grove Countryside article tries to suggest that the fact that the scared smaller dog provoked a savage attack by barking at the pit bull when this is obviously normal communication among dogs that should not meet with a savage attack.

Evidently, when the pit bull attacked, other dogs joined in and also attacked poor Cody. Cody's owner has been going to the park for years and is well known there, but neither she nor the other frequenters had ever seen the pit bull owner or the pit bull before.

A horrified neighbor to the dog park said she's never seen a fight before, let alone anything remotely approaching the savagery of the pit bull's attack before, after years of going to the dog park with her golden retriever.

For the month of July, Buffalo Grove police department said they had only one bite report - the one on the pit bull that bit Cody.

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