Apr 14, 2013 Victims of pit bull ask for tougher rules on vicious dogs

Macomb - An incredible story of animal control incompetence began when a pit bull bit another dog and was surrendered to a shelter.  The dog was adopted out and then got loose and killed a leashed little dog in February 2012, but was allowed to stay with the owner who let it escape again in September 2012 when it attacked two people in their own yard.  The pit bit a man on both his knees and bit the hand of a woman.

The pit bull was surrendered, deemed unadoptable, and banned from the county.  It was taken to a shelter in neighboring Fort Madison, IA where it is reportedly was up for adoption again.

Victims of this pit bull want stronger measures for vicious dogs in McDonough county, increased fines for people who let their dogs run at large, and "greater scrutiny of certain breeds."

In response, animal control wants to do 15 minute temperament tests in the ridiculous belief that a 15 minute test can reliably ascertain if a dog will later show aggression.

Even if the dog fails the aggression test, they want to be able to "relocate" it - so people and pets in other communities can be maimed or killed.

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