Mar 18, 2013 Galesburg pit bull attacks golden retriever

Owner recounts horror of the pit bull attack on her golden retriever when pummeling couldn’t force pit bull to release retriever

Galesburg - Chloe a leashed golden retriever was attacked by a pit bull that dug out of its yard and made a bee line to the innocent dog in order to attack.

The owners, Sue and Stephanie Baker, believed Chloe was sure to be mauled to death because no matter how hard they pounded on the pit bull, it would not stop attacking poor, innocent Chloe.

A passersby stopped and helped them to finally pry the beasts' jaws off poor Chloe.  The Bakers rushed Chloe to the veterinarian fearing that she may not survive.

“We need to live in a safe community, and right now, it’s not safe,” Baker said. “If a dog has one vicious attack, I think it should be put down. If you’re a drunk driver, it’s one time and you’re out. There should be a (similar) zero tolerance policy.”

Baker would like to see pit bulls banned, but Knox county shelter manager Erin Buckmaster thinks pits should stay in Galesburg despite the very recent fatal attack on Ryan Maxwell and other attacks on innocent dogs like Chloe and their owners.  She would rather focus on the dangers presented by the vicious chihuahuas and spaniels she claims she has in her shelter.

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