Feb 15, 2013 Pit bull attack survivor prevails 10 years later

Angelica Osusky has prevailed since surviving a pit bull attack
Romeoville - Ten years ago, 8 year old Angelica Osusky was horrifically mauled by a pit bull.  In an instant, it bit off and consumed her thumb and then took a chunk out of her neck the size of half an apple.

The pit bull was shot by police and taken to the same hospital as Angelica so surgeons could remove the thumb from its stomach, but two sets of surgeons were unable reattach Angelica's thumb.

Despite the loss of her thumb, she is tied as the second-leading scorer for her basketball team, the Spartans, at Romeoville High School this year

She will be going to college next year, and has met the extra challenges she faces now.  People say "it's only a thumb" but Osusky knows all to well how much people use their thumbs for just about everything.

She has a cat.  She likes some dogs.  But she is afraid to be around pit bulls - like so many others who have been attacked.

Angelica's attack took place almost exactly seven months after pit bulls mauled two nurses, one, Anna Cieslewicz, fatally.  The nurse who survived, Mary Murphy-Smith, lost her career as a midwife when she lost the use of her arm in a twenty minute battle with the pit bulls.  Murphy-Smith was strongly supportive of a pit bull ban, saying "What do you say about the children who are being attacked by these dogs?"

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