Jan 14, 2013 Man let pit bull attack his mother three times.

UPDATE: Deisel the pit bull belonged to RUSIN's girlfriend.

Oak Lawn - JEREMY RUSIN, 21, was charged with battery, domestic battery and assault when he let his pit bull, Deisel, attack his mother three times.  He is being held on $20,0000 bond.
JEREMY RUSIN sicced his pit bull on his mother
RUSIN stood by and watched as Deisel mauled his mother, and he assaulted  an alarmed passerby who called police.

According to police, RUSIN's mother was taken to the hospital by her sister.

Amazingly and bizarrely, animal control was not called to control and confiscate the dog.  Instead, police told RUSIN's girlfriend to take the dog to Animal Welfare League even though they had judged Deisel to be "aggressive and unapproachable."

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