Nov 12, 2012 Wilmette neighbors band together to sue pit bull owner

Wilmette - Four neighbors, concerned for the safety of their neighborhood, have reluctantly banded together to sue pit bull owner MEGAN ALBRIGHT and her parents.

Her pit bull has gotten out and acted aggressively three times and in a neighborhood where at least 40 children reside, no one wants to wait for an attack to happen.

It is alleged in the lawsuit that MEGAN's father has admitted that the pit bull is "mean" and MEGAN has said that the pit bull can't go to a kennel because it will attack the other animals.

MEGAN is very active in pit bull rescue and contends on her facebook page (which has since been set to private) that the neighbors just don't want a pit bull in the neighborhood and the loose black dog that has been seen in the neighborhood is really a black lab.

John Grady, a neighbor, said, “This is a very sad situation. I really like my neighbors, but “we are not waiting for the first bite, which could mean tragedy for a child.”

Please note that MEGAN ALBRIGHT undoubtedly sees herself as a responsible and knowledgeable owner who deems herself able to educate the public about pit bulls.  Meanwhile, her neighborhood is being held hostage by her loose pit bull.  It is not pit bull owners that educate people; the pit bulls themselves are educating us.

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