Aug 16, 2012 Man Killed By Own Pit Bulls In Englewood

UPDATE - A subsequent news article shows an interview with Hagerman's family who say that the dogs were not the friendly pets described by Daryl Williams, the owner of the dogs.  Hagerman's mother, Salithia Maybell, and his neice, Zarquil Boston, both described previous attacks on animals and humans, one killing a dog.   These updates are discussed at

Chicago - The Cook County Medial Examiner's office concluded that Charles Hagerman, 44, was killed by one or both of his pit bulls in his Englewood home.

When his wife and her son returned to their home, Hagerman was dead and some reports indicate one dog was still mauling his body.  The dogs had torn off all his clothes and torn off half of his face.

The dogs, 3 1/2 yo Scrappy and  his offspring, Rocco, were reportedly well cared for and loved and there was no indication that the dogs were dangerous, though Scrappy was territorial.

A neighbor reported seeing the dogs being walked regularly.  Daryl William, the son of Hagerman's wife, reported that the dogs slept in Hagerman's bedroom.  The family, at a loss to explain why these dogs killed their owner,  suspects that Hagerman may have had a seizure which scared the them.

Police had to shoot the dogs to remove them from the apartment.

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