Jul 05, 2012 Roscoe police officer shoots, kills pit bull

After the fourth of July celebrations, animal rescues, shelters and animal controls reported picking up dozens of frightened strays that had been frightened by the fire works, bolted and become lost.  That is what normal dogs do.  This pit bull, startled by loud bangs coped with its anxiety by attacking people and a dog.  Pit bulls are different.

Roscoe - A Roscoe police officer thought a pit bull was about to attack him and possibly nearby Fourth of July revelers Wednesday when he shot and killed the animal, Chief Jamie Evans said.

The officer was responding about 10 p.m. to a report of a woman being attacked by a pit bull in the open backyard of a residence near Talentina Trail and Lemon Grass Lane.

There were reports of as many as two dozen people celebrating the Fourth of July with fireworks in the immediate area.

Evans said the officer discovered a woman struggling with the animal. The owner was walking her dogs on leashes when fireworks may have spooked the animal.

By Jeff Kolkey
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