May 16, 2012 Bloomington may review pet registration law after pit bull attack

After a failed attempt to regulate pit bulls directly, Bloomington legislators will now attempt to correct a pit bull problem with registration ordinances once again.  May I suggest mandatory insurance and microchips and high fines for off property attacks and another shot at BSL.

Even the physically imposing giant schnauzer
with its dominant and protective temperament is no
match for a predatory pit bull (file photo)
BLOOMINGTON — An attack by a stray pit bull that drew blood from a giant schnauzer earlier this month could lead to a review of a 2006 pet registration rule that was approved after an emotional debate over banning specific breeds.
Cameron suffered muscle damage on one of his legs and is recovering after receiving several stitches at the veterinarian’s office, Uszcienski said.

By Rachel Wells
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Comments from the story:
All I can add to this discussion is an incident that happened in front of my son-in-law. A young boy was walking his chihuahua on a leash on a public city trail. A large unleashed male pit bull, accompanied by a female, ran up to the boy, grabbed the chihuahua and killed it right in front of the little boy. My son in law tried to beat the dog off but he could not save the little boy's dog but he's sure that if he hadn't beaten the dog, the boy would have been next. The dogs ran away and he's sure they were never caught. He called the police but nothing could be done. It's hard to argue with what you see right in front of you.

Please people. Just got back from Tijuana and lenme tell you there were no bassett hound or weener dog fights in the bar rooms and back rooms there. It was only violent ferocious dogs in other words PITS. Sadly the way I see it is as long as pit owners remain in denial and continue to think their beasts are sugar coated sweethearts the rest of us will alwys be in some level of danger of injury due to them.

I've come across some wonderful pit bulls that were sweet and loving... however in my profession I review homeowner liability claims and I can tell you OVERWHELMINGLY most bites to humans and other animals comes from pits. This isn't a scientific observation, I don't keep track but it's an everyday thing... I don't know if it's the breed but I can tell you I would never own one and never let my children around one. Almost every day I pay claims to people injured or had their pets injured by pits. Sometimes it's other dogs but I'm sorry to say, most are pits.