Apr 18, 2012 Cop suspended over dog attack at Montrose Beach

Chicago – An off-duty Chicago Police officer faces suspension after his pit bull attacked and killed a smaller dog last month at Montrose Beach dog park.
The owners of a Pomeranian Papillon mix said the man's pit bull mauled their tiny dog on March 17. After the attack they told police the man refused to give his name and phone number, even yelling at people who followed him as he walked away.
A witness snapped a picture of the pit bull's owner before he took off, and dozens of dog owners circulated the photo online.
Weeks later, the man, a five-year Chicago cop, fessed up to his bosses, and the Police Department launched an internal investigation on Tuesday.

By Jeremy Gorner and Deanese Williams-Harris
Tribune reporters
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Chicago Tribune  Accessed: 2012-04-18. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/671wWkdZX)
Craven Desires

I hope that internal investigation will look into why Officer Ahole's colleagues failed to identify him despite a bevy of helpful citizen witnesses following Officer Ahole, calling the police a dozen times to give them updates and even GIVING THEM A PHOTO of Officer Ahole.  Was it due to incompetence, laziness, or collusion?  The CPD is, if nothing else, very consistent when investigating the owners of mauling and killing pit bulls.  And this may provide another clue about why dogfighting and dog attacks are rampant in Chicago.

Here are excerpts of the mondog blog and comments about Officer Ahole:
He then slowly slipped away while 5-6 people on bikes and in cars tried to follow him to see if we could get a plate number. He was abusive then in his behavior and language to anyone who approach to talk to him about the killing. He shrewdly and aimlessly walked around for almost an hour in the park while the police were called 10-12 times and he got away. This dog is a killer and the owner (above) has zero remorse. This Pit Bull will kill again unless we stand up (edited). While the owner was walking around, we saw the Pit Bull lunge at other small dogs time and time again."

MONDOG Comments:
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 21:47 posted by Bryan
This fat coward has been spotted at the Evanston Dog Beach as well. That is a locked and passed beach from April- November. I doubt that he has a pass and EVERYONE there is watching for him. He might really need an ambulance if he shows up there.i have no problem harming him because I am terrified of a man I using his canine as a murder weapon. Please note- I am not blaming the dog. SOMEBODY in your area knows him- find out.
Saturday, 07 April 2012 07:52 posted by Abe Linclon
FYI I'm almost sure who this is and have given the info to channel 7, were I saw the story. I must remain anonymous, but if this is the guy, he is a bigger piece of shit then you could ever imagine.

Sunday, 01 April 2012 09:52 posted by Stu Piddy
I too followed this guy on my bike after he killed the other dog.
In my opinion he's going to the beach to intentionally kill or injure other dogs.
What explanation other than that can there be. He showed no remorse, perhaps he felt "satisfied".
He didn't care at all that the dog was killed. He told me that the dog that his dog attacked was fine. That the people just called him and it just needed "some surgery".
I told him he was a liar as he never gave his phone number to anyone.
He called me an old man. I told him i would rip his fucking head off, grind him up into little pieces and flush him down back down the sewer from whence he came.
He said "try it".
No cops responded. There are people on that beach, whether a dog attacks another dog or a person shouldn't make a difference. If a dog kills another dog....doesn't that indicate that it could have just as easily been a small child?
This guy looked like a cop, or a bouncer, (edit- "ex-military") or somebody involved in "security". He works out (badly) is real dumb and probably has a long record of this kind of abuse as his answers all revealed that he has experienced this before.
Disclaimer- This post is solely the opinion of the person who submitted it and doesn't necessarily reflect Mondog views.

Sunday, 25 March 2012 08:16 posted by audrey
I was out all day on saturday handing out flyers..I did get a blocked call from someone who said they think they know him. I went to the police dept to identify the guy, but it wasnt him.. The police acted very quickly on this matter, and are not taking this lightly. Keep your eyes peeled, Im hopeful someone will spot him.

Thursday, 22 March 2012 16:30 posted by tom
i think this guy is a dog walker. he comes to the beach and talks on the phone the entire time while the dog runs and scares everyone...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012 20:44 posted by audrey
I am the owner of the pomeranian.This is what happened...My kid was playing with the ball by the water,she ran back to where we were sitting,throwing the ball to Willy and from out of nowhere a pitbull ran to get the ball too.Willy was covering his ball,when the pit slowly hovered over him..I seen this from about 4 steps away.The pitbull grabbed Willy by the stomache and shook him violently..A man who was sitting next to us ran over and started punching the pitbull in the head to release the death grip.This was not working so by then the owner came to see what was happening.He got on his dogs back and pried the mouth open releasing Willy.My brother picked up my lifeless dog and we started for the car.Not knowing exactly what to do(because of the high level of stress watching this brutal attack),I asked him to get rid of the dog so i can talk to him.He wouldnt keep his dog back.He had constant slack in the leash,scaring me.I feared I would be attacked next.He seemed to not think much of the attack and had a smirk on his face.He had NO remorse!!! I told him what vet i was going to and he said he would meet me there.He did not show.My daughter and I had to say goodbye to our buddy yesturday.I'm so thankful to the people who helped me try to save him.The first story that was written about this attack is the most accurate.Thank you for telling it like it is.

REDDIT Comments:

That guy takes his dog to Puptown in Uptown. His dog is CONSTANTLY molesting other dogs. Multiple people left the park because his dog was dominating all the male dogs.
I am not exaggerating when I say his dog aggressively mounted my dog at least a dozen times. He did not react to my dobermans increasingly agitated responses. I finally told him that he needs to make his dog stop before his dog gets hurt. He said "you need to let the big dogs sort themselves out". No sooner did he say that and his dog runs over and tries to pump away at mine. An all out fight broke out with his dog bleeding from his snout. The guy quickly leashed his dog and left with him while other people just looked at him in shock.
In hindsight I probably should have left with all the other male dog owners.
tl;dr He goes to Puptown park. His dog started a fight with my 90 pound doberman and he ignored his dog raping other large dogs.

Mr_Ballyhoo Albany Park
I think i saw this guy on Sunday. Walked up to me and my buddy with his pit on a leash trying to lecture us on how our dogs were gonna get sick swimming in cold water. His dog didn't seem too friendly and was just staring down my friends corgi the entire time. Needless to say, we picked up our things and moved further down the beach away from him.

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