Mar 13, 2012 Trail of Blood Leads Cops to Injured Dog

While this story of dog abuse by a suspected dogfighter is certainly worth reporting, it must be noted that of the over 700 pit bull bites reported to authorities in Chicago in 2011, only about 13 attacks can be found in local media and community boards.

Pit bull abuser and suspected dogfighter

Chicago – A Chicago man was charged Tuesday with aggravated animal cruelty after police, following a trail of blood on the sidewalk, said they found a pit bull puppy with scratches and open wounds on his stomach, paws and back.

The dog's owner, Stanton Howard, told police he was a trainer and dragged the dog because he was "teaching him how to walk," according to police spokesman Michael Sullivan.

Police suspect Howard, 42, was actually teaching the dog how to fight.

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