Feb 21, 2012 Elgin police kill pit bull after it attacked dog

Thanks to the work of Best Friends Animal Society and Ledy Vankavage, Christian Diaz could harrass his neighbors with his pit bull no less than 7 times before the pit was shot and killed.  In the last two years 15 out of the 16 dogs shot by police in Elgin were pit bulls.

By Tara GarcĂ­a Mathewson

Elgin police shot and killed a violent pit bull Monday after it attacked a neighbor’s dog
Christian Diaz, 19, 300 block South Weston Avenue, is the owner of the attacking pit bull and was bit by his own dog trying to break up the fight, police said.
Charges are pending against Diaz for his dog’s behavior. Diaz...has already been found liable seven times in the last two months for animal complaints, according to Theriault.

The most recent complaint against (Rocco) ... involved the same family whose dog was attacked Monday, Theriault said.

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