Feb 07, 2012 Pit bull mauls Lake co. board member's dog

Waukegan – “Last Thursday between 8:30 and 9 o’clock, I took my three little dogs outside,” Hewitt said Tuesday. “I had them on a leash on my front lawn so they could do their business....”
Before she knew it, Hewitt said, the dog had her 14-pound bischon Maltese, Cindy, in its jaws.
... Hewitt said she finds herself struggling to feel comfortable again in the neighborhood where she’s lived for two decades.

“Our lives have changed. I’m afraid to go outside. My husband has to go with me,” she said. “And when we take Cindy out, you can tell she’s scared, too..."

Hopefully this Lake County Board member can effect some changes in her home town of 20 years to make all normal, pet dogs safe from dogs that were bred to attack other dogs - pit bulls.

By Dan Moran
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