Jan 24, 2012 Dogs Shot by Elmhurst Police During Attack

Elmhurst – Police responded to the home at 4:57 p.m. after receiving a report that two pit bulls were attacking people inside. When police arrived, one of the pit bulls was still attacking one of the victims, who was covered in blood. An officer shot the dog.
One of the victims was taken to Loyola University Medical Center due to the seriousness of the injuries. The second victim was taken to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital.

The initial commenters to Elmhurst Patch story believe that a pit bull attacking its owners is very rare and odd. Others are suggesting that the owners must have been abusing the dog. They must not be aware of Darla Napora's or Joseph Hines' mauling deaths a few months ago. Both were reportedly devoted owners and the dogs were never known to be aggressive. Darla was a supporter and follower of BADRAP.

One pit bull owner on the Elmhurst Patch comments section launched such a vile invective that the reporter was prompted to write a second article called: "'Blame the Victim' Mentality is Unfounded and Hurtful." Edit: the negative comments have subsequently been removed.