Nov 17, 2011 Here’s rest of the story about those lost dogs

Sterling – On Oct. 30 at 4 a.m., walking down the sidewalk in the 500 block of 14th Avenue, Sterling, we saw two sets of eyes come across the street. When they got closer, it was two dogs. We slowed down and said, “Go on, git.” They stood there looking at us. We stopped, and my husband raised his voice, telling them, “Go on, git out of here.”

The dogs puffed up their chests, growled and lunged at us. We started walking backward, and they attacked us.

Mickey attacked me from behind and bit me on the back of my left leg. My husband was fighting Mater. Mickey bit me the whole time running to the house, knocked me down on the steps, bit my hands and arms as I tried to open the door, and was up on my back coming in the house.

I had a bad bite on my leg and hands, and bruises on my right arm.

Sauk Valley
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