Jul 16, 2011 Dog Fighting in Our Neighborhood

Arrests were just made at the 3500 block of West Montrose the 1st week in July.
I want everyone to be aware of a very sad thing which occurred in our neighborhood in the summer of 2009 and persisted through Jan/Feb of 2010.
On Sunnyside just after Pulaski (yes, right behind the police station) there was a 60-dog dogfighting pit. The operation had become so big that people were flying in from other countries and placing bets on these dogs.
My neighbor's female pitbull was stolen from him by this group (btw - she has just given birth to puppies, and the thieves left the puppies...days old, to die). He was contacted by a higher authority (NOT the Pulaski Police Station) to wear a wire and pretend he wanted to buy a dog from these guys. He was hoping to get his dog back and complied.
Months prior many small dogs and cats went missing from our neighborhood. I later learned that the dogfighters were stealing them from yards and/or picking them up off the streets and feeding them to this starved pack of dogs.
Needless to say, the day came when the operation was finally busted. There was a small blurb online for a few days after the bust (March 2010) but has since been deleted. Unfortunately my neighbor never got his dog back, but I am very proud of him for doing a scary but brave thing in helping put an end to this heinous operation.
I wrote to the Pulaski Police to see if they could shed more light on the details of the situation. I never received a response.
Thought you should know.