Sep 13, 2010 Dog Attack Prompts QPD to Shoot and Kill Pit Bull

The bit bull breed isn't aggressive by nature, but extremely loyal to owner
(original caption - be sure to read the entire story to find that this dog had
a history of loyalty before this extremely tenaciously loyal incident)

QUINCY – The owner of the dog that was killed told me the dog was like his son. And a nearby resident told me kids had played with the dog in the past without any problems. On the other hand, the another neighbor said the dog had broken off its leash before, and in some cases, the mail man could not deliver mail because of the dog.
 The Quincy Police Department issued the following statement:
On 09-12-10 at about 11:44 Quincy Police Officers were dispatched to 706 So.14th St in regard to a Pit Bull that was attacking another dog.
Upon arrival, Officers found that the suspect dog was still in the complainant's backyard.
An Animal Control Officer was notified and dispatched to the scene to attempt to apprehend the dangerous dog.
Before the Animal Control Officer arrived on scene, the suspect dog attacked the victim dog once again.
Officers shot the suspect dog once to prevent it from further injuring or killing the victim dog.
Upon shooting the dog, it turned and began moving toward the Officers. At that point the Officer fired a second time, killing the dog.
An investigation was conducted and it was discovered that the suspect dog had broken off of a leash from 720 So. 14th.
It was also learned that the suspect dog had a history of aggressive behavior.
The dog's owner, Dennis Scott, of 720 So. 14th, was issued Notices of Violations for Dog Running at Large and Rabies Control Violation.
The deceased dog was taken into custody by a Quincy Animal Control Officer pending further investigation.
by Jarod Wells
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