May 28, 2011 Two-year-old Dog Bite Case May Be Decided This Summer

Bear (right), a pit bull, and Buddy, a mix, stand in an enclosure
at Bobby and Karen Warren’s Lockport home. Bear is at the
center of a Lockport legal case that has continued for 26 months.

LOCKPORT — A pit bull is at the center of a 26-month-long legal case that could be decided this summer.

The dog got out of Bobby and Karen Warren’s Lockport yard through a gate in March 2009, Karen said. The pit bull, named Bear, ran loose with another family dog, Buddy, a mix.

The city has determined that the dog attacked a man in the neighborhood, said City Attorney Ron Caneva.

Karen disputes this point, saying, “They’re just assuming it was our dog because the dogs were out.”

By Tony Graf
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