May 11, 2010 Terrier Recovering After Pit Bull Attack

Spike shows off his cast. The terrier’s leg was broken when a pit bull bit him.

PEKIN — Spike The Man Jumping Bean (his full name) is a small terrier who was recently attacked and bitten by another dog, according to his master, David Brown.

“I just call him Spike for short. He’s my companion. I love him — we go everywhere together,” said the 49-year-old man who travels around town in a motorized chair. “Spike’s lovable.”

But Spike got bitten by a pit bull recently and now is wearing a cast on his leg.

“(The pit bull) was loose and out chasing dogs in the neighborhood. Some people saw it and called the police. I didn’t realize it until it was too late, but he started chasing Spike, so I grabbed Spike and (the pit bull) jumped up and started biting him like he was going to eat him. That’s why Spike’s leg is in a cast.”

By Valari Hyatt

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