Jun 28, 2011 Pit Bulls Attack A Neoga Woman's Pet Dog, Owner Blames Dogs

Notice this pit bull owner and self-proclaimed rescuer who allowed his dogs to kill a chihuahua at its owner's feet wants to portray himself as a responsible owner. So, what does he do? Blame his dogs. Does this sound like a sincere apology to you?

Neoga - Two pit bulls killed this woman's dog right before her eyes.

But she fears nothing will be done about it.
The case is now in the hands of the Cumberland County state's attorney.
"I was sad about it, and I was pretty angry with the dogs," said Scott Tucker.

This pit bull owner knows his dogs made a terrible mistake. Now he's taking steps to say sorry.
Tucker rescues pit bulls and knows their tendencies, which is why he has a 6 feet high fence in his backyard.

"I made sure it's high enough that they can't jump over, it's blocked on the bottom," he said.

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