Jul 06, 2010 Wilmington IL Officials Attempting to Protect Citizens Battling 'Ridiculous' Dangerous Dog Laws

Though city attorney, mayor and town council all felt motivated to protect their citizenry, they were apparently stymied by the anti-BSL provision in Illinois state law that protects no children, no pets, not even a single pit bull, but protects only the freedoms of back yard breeders, dog fighters, and irresponsible pit bull owners.

Neighbors Ask for Help with 'Vicious' Dogs
Pam Monson

WILMINGTON - The residents of the neighborhood around Booth Central School asked the City Council Tuesday to take action to prevent a serious dog attack that’s been brewing for years.
The residents asked for ordinances or higher penalties to better control the situation, or the reinstitution of a local department of animal control.

“It seems ridiculous to me a dog has to bite somebody three times,” Alderman Russ Gilmour commented.
“Trust me, we’ll ... rectify this problem,” Mayor Orr said.