Aug 16, 2010 Galesburg Pit Bulls Jump Fence, Attack Girl and Pup

Galesburg - At just after 3 p.m., as the seventh-grader at Lombard Middle School and her puppy neared the corner of First and Academy streets, wild barking and a flurry of activity drew the attention of the girl and her dog.

“I heard barking and Ray-Ray just stopped. I saw three pit bulls come over the fence of the backyard across Academy,” Gutierrez said. “They were coming for Ray-Ray. I was very scared and I tried to get in between them and the dog.

It is believed all three pit bulls escaped from the backyard of 712 S. Academy St., located on the south corner of First and South Academy streets. The backyard is surrounded by 6-foot wood fence.

“I see pit bulls running around here quite a bit,” Lane said. “You just never know when they will come after you.”

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