Jul 14, 2011 Pit Bull Brutally Attacks Illinois Woman

On July 14th 2011, Nik, who is 4'8" and weighed 95 lbs, was brutally attacked by a pit bull. The pit bull initially lunged for her neck, but she darted backwards and it sunk its teeth into her left shoulder. The pit bull bit her 2 more times in her arm, the last of which took 2 much larger individuals to pry the dog off of her broken arm. The pit bull's teeth sunk into her arm all the way to her ulna and fractured it in 2 places. 3 surgeries and multiple plates later, she still has consistent pain and nerve damage. These are not the only life altering injuries; her mental health has deteriorated. Those of you who know her understand how much this has devastated her. She still suffers from nightmares and PTSD. Please help her raise the money that the insurance company doesn't think she deserves. Buy a gi, make a donation www.pulsekimonos/donations or share her story. All proceeds go directly to her.

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