Nov 19, 2008 Chicago's Dogfighting Culture Alive and Well

Chicago - The Englewood basement was cramped, chaotic. Fifty people -- parents, kids, a pregnant woman -- huddled around a bloody 10-by-10-foot ring, cheering two pit bulls [fighting as they were bred to love to do].
Chicago Dogfighting
Barbaric to most, this medieval blood sport remains a routine source of shameless entertainment in large swaths of the city.

"It's pretty much like going to see Muhammad Ali or a Mike Tyson fight," said Sean Moore, a former dogfighter from Chicago. "That's what people think when they see pit bulls in our neighborhood. That's why people are willing to pay and come see it."

Cook County sheriff's police busted a South Side dogfight over the weekend, and news of the 50-person crowd and descriptions of the brutalized animals shook many Chicagoans. But most don't realize that dogfighting remains commonplace in the city, seemingly resistant to the laws that prohibit it, a culturally ingrained phenomenon that refuses to go away.

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