Jan 20, 2008 Pit bull attack in Granite City could lead to change in ordinance

Granite City leaders want a stricter, but non-breed specific vicious dog ordinance after a pit bull attack.

The council is considering amending the ordinance due to a Jan. 6 incident in which a bit bull attacked a terrier on a chain at a residence in the 2300 block of Hodges and then a miniature Doberman pinscher in the same area.

The pit bull was subdued by a bystander after the terrier's owner repeatedly hit the pit bull with a baseball bat as it attacked the Doberman pinscher.

The Animal Control Department was called to take control of the pit bull.

Apparently, it got loose from a residence on neighboring East 25th Street.

The terrier is recovering after surgery at a local animal hospital. The Doberman was not seriously injured.

According to Granite City authorities, the pit bull is owned by Deborah Newman, who resides outside Granite City.

Newman was cited for animal at large and fined.

At a recent municipal court hearing, the pit bull was declared a vicious animal.

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