Jun 04, 2008 Machesney Park Police shoot pit bulls savaging a pug

Machesney Park - Two pit bulls savagely mauling a little pug were shot by police.

Pugsly the pug's owner said, "I mean it looked like hyenas attacking a bunny rabbit or something. She was on her back, she wasn't even touching the ground, and they both had her at opposite angles just pulling her apart."

State police sergeant Schroeder said, "My officers have been told that any time there's an aggressive dog in their proximity that could bite them or a citizen, if it's safe to do so, they need to dispose of the dog if that's their only option."

The pit bulls owner was due in court for a previous attack on an innocent dog when Pugsly was torn apart.

After Pugsly's horrific attack other Winnebago county residents wanted stricter laws regulating pit bulls.  The Winnebago County animal services director said that something needs to be done about Illinois' horrible animal control act which prevents law enforcement from protecting people and pets from these pit bulls.

Another dog owner who tried to protect her dog from mauling pit bulls and was bitten herself says that she was just luck that her dog survived.  She has to go to a vicious dog hearing and the worst the pit bull owner will get is a fine.

Debbie Heath says, "Pit bulls were bred originally to fight, to kill, that's where the name came from," Debbie says. "With an animal like that a fine is not enough. That animal has got to be caged so it cannot get out. A six foot fence with a top, concrete on the bottom."

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