Aug 25, 2006 Zion Pit Bull Mix Attacks Dad, Son

Zion Pit Bull Mix Attacks Dad, Son

Zion - In the last 20 years, dog attacks have killed 238 Americans.  Shane Colbert was afraid he and his song might be added to the list.

Colbert was walking home Sunday afternoon with his 6-year-old son from the Zion-Benton Public Library when they were attacked by a pit bull mix.

The dog, he said, climbed out of a hole in a wooden fence in an alley in the 2100 block of Gilead Avenue and jumped at them.

Colbert, who underwent surgery a week ago for a broken left wrist, defended the boy with his still-mending left arm.

"I was trying to defend my son with my left arm (that) I was not supposed to use.  Otherwise, he would have been bitten," he said.

Colbert's intercession was fortuitious.

Colbert was treated at Vista East Medical Center in Waukegan for scratches on his right arm.  There were no injuries on his left arm.  His son, Kyle, was unharmed.

"He was crying and didn't know what to do," the father said of his frightened son.

He said they have walked in the alley many times on their way to the library and back.  They were aware of the dog behind the fence, but there was no hole there before.

Colbert was bitter that the owners of the dog offered no aid after the incident.

The two year old pit bull went back home for a rabies observation because it had its shots.

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