Jun 06, 2006 Three Wheaton Pit Bulls Attack Poodle

Wheaton - Tootsie was clearly outnumbered.

The small Maltese poodle saw the three pit bulls coming and tried to hide behind a bush in Wheaton. But before she knew it, one pit bull had her on one end, and the second had her other end.

"They were pulling on her just like a rag doll," said Tootsie's neighbor Keith Kolar.

Kolar and Tootsie's owner, Frank Cacciato, wouldn't let Tootsie go down without a fight.

The two men, who had been working in their front yards in the 2300 block of Albright Lane on Friday evening when they saw the pit bulls attack, ran after them, trying everything they could to pull Tootsie away.

Cacciato ended up with a broken finger and sprained hand; Kolar, with bites in his hand, forearm and leg. Tootsie was left with bite marks across her neck, and 30 doggie stitches to boot.

One of the pit bulls met his end with Cacciato's bat. A second was taken away by Wheaton Animal Control. The third returned home to the 2300 block of Richmond Drive, where the dog's owners told police they have an electric invisible fence, but it was broken. The owners could not be reached for comment.

Police are investigating whether to charge the owners, Wheaton police Cmdr. Terry Mee said Monday.

Tootsie is still recuperating.

"She's not talking. Not barking," said Frank Cacciato's wife, Kathy. "But give her some time, and she'll be begging again."

It was the second incident involving pit bulls over the weekend.

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