May 06, 2015 Wood River Boy Seriously Mauled by Family's Bullmastiff.

UPDATE: Conner, the 8 year-old boy victim was hospitalized for 8 days.  When he was found, Conner was unconscious.  It was feared that Conner might lose his leg, but he has kept his leg despite losing muscle and veins in his leg.  He has gone through extensive physical and occupational therapy.

The dog is now being called an English mastiff and was 18 months old at the time of the attack.  The family had only owned the dog for two weeks prior to the attack.

Wood River - A 5-year-old Wood River boy was flown by helicopter to a St. Louis hospital Wednesday afternoon after being mauled by the family’s Bullmastiff.

The boy, a son of a Wood River police officer, according to Wood River Deputy Chief Dan Bunt, was being treated for multiple injuries after the attack, which happened at approximately 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. Wood River Fire Chief Steve Alexander said the child sustained “a number of injuries to the (lower) extremities.”

The boy was air lifted to St. Louis Children's Hospital. The bullmastiff, a family pet, was put down.

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