Jan 23, 2014 Chicago Bezerking Pit Bull attacks two children and an adult

UPDATE: The pit bull "bit her teeth out her mouth and he bit her by the neck and right now she's still in the hospital," said Williemae Jackson, Latara's Aunt.

A local pit bull advocacy group was asked to say that pit bulls aren't aggressive despite the evidence to the contrary, which they happily did, but women who saw how their children were attacked don't believe it for a second.

"This dog could have killed our kids," said Jackson.

"They had to shoot the dog five times to get him to stop. If my husband wasn't out there the dog would have killed the lady or her daughter if I wouldn't have saved my son, my son would have been dead," said Carranza.

Chicago - A loose pit bull attacked 11 year old Cirpriana Carranza while he was taking out the trash.  When Daisy got the pit bull off her son, the pit bull ran down the street and jumped on 12 year old Latara Scott who was walking with her family.

11-year old Cirpriana left, 12-year old Latara right
Both mothers describe serious wounds to their child's faces.  Daisy Carranza pried the pit bull's jaws off her son's face, and she cannot stop hearing her child's screams replaying in her head.  Willie Mae Jackson described her daughter's attack as something out of a movie, "He just went completely berserk."

"She has a hole up underneath of her chin, a cut beneath her lip...a hole in the back side of her neck."

Police arrived and shot the pit bull after the pit bull jumped on a woman who was trying to help.

Latara is still hospitalized.

Sadly, pit bulls are ravaging Chicago and the most unique aspect of this pit bull attack is that it was reported at all.

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