Jul 10, 2012 Waukegan woman’s canine companion killed by pit bull

The unfortunate part is people have really become fascinated with owning pit bulls. (Those) irresponsible owners are causing havoc in the city of Waukegan..." -1st ward Alderman Sam Cunningham, 2012
"We deal with dangerous dogs. Waukegan is known for them. Unfortunately, we are a town for pit bulls." - former AC officer Nicole Garza, 2011
The cold shoulder this vicim-owner is receiving from her alderman and animal control is reprehensible.  Of course, these photos and comments on Waukegan Animal Control's facebook page might explain why the victim is being treated this way. 

Waukegan - Leona Wagner, 76, leashed her toy poodle, Precious,  on her front porch and stepped a way for a moment.  When she came back, she found her Precious had been mauled and killed by an unleashed pit bull on her own property.

Animal control refuses to reveal what will happen to the pit bull and Wagner's calls to her alderman, Larry Tenpas, went unanswered.

By Illinois statute, this pit bull can and should be declared dangerous because it clearly has behaved in a manner that a reasonable person would believe is a serious threat by entering the victim's property to attack unprovoked. The dog should be impounded, at owner's expense until the dangerous dog investigation is complete.  

As difficult as it might be, the owner should be sued for the little the victim is due, for veterinary costs of the cremation, and what little "property value" this sweet little companion animal, Precious, is worth according to the courts.  I applaud Ms. Wagner for taking this to the media.  Since city officials are too afraid or just callously disregard this problem, every resident of Illinois in a similar circumstance should contact the media, sue the pit bull owners, and keep on animal control to make sure they do their job and designate these pit bulls as dangerous.

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