Jan 02, 2012 Lakefront jogger critically injured by pit bulls: 'They wouldn't let the man go'

CHICAGO - A 62-year-old Chicago man was critically injured Monday morning when two 70-pound pit bull terriers mauled him while he was jogging along Lake Michigan, police said.

UPDATE - Finley was conscious all the way to Stroger Hospital and then went into shock. With a huge amount of blood loss and damage to muscles and tendons, doctors were not able to save part of his left leg, but they were able to save Finley's life.

"I want to be able to walk again and to be able to use my arm again," said Finley.

Finley says he wants to run again, a hobby he took up just 10 years ago. Finley says he also wants to work on erasing the mental image of the attacks. He says he replays it over and over in his head.

Doctors credit Finley's incredible physical and mental strength for his survival.

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