Dec 07, 2011 Rockford woman dies after attack by her pit bull

Rockford - A woman died Tuesday after being mauled by one of her two pit bulls in November.

Tonia C. Parks, 39, was attacked by one of her two 8-year-old pit bulls as she had a seizure in her home Nov. 18 in the 3200 block of Collins Street, said Jennifer Stacy, deputy director of Winnebago County Animal Services.  Reports say she suffered injuries to her head and that her jugular vein had been bitten.  Had remained in critical condition until she passed away.

This fatal pit bull attack was not picked up by national news outlets. The initial local reports correctly identified the dogs as pit bulls though subsequent reports suggested the dogs were american bulldogs.  AP Illinois' miniscule coverage mentioned no breed in a report a month after local Animal Services confirmed the dogs were pit bulls through a FOI request from the Rockford Register Star.

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