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Neighbor message posted to Edgewater

Disappearing cats/Dog fights?
Posted by Shabazz


Disappearing cats and dog fights?
by Mary Edgewater

Two people have recently told me that people's pet cats in Edgewater seem to be disappearing. And that dog fights are happening near Granville and Kenmore using the stolen cats as bait.

This sounds like an urban myth to me but has anyone else heard this rumor?

There does seem to be a unusually large number of flyers about missing cats and dogs lately.

this is awful if true. I have not heard anything, but I do agree that I feel like I've seen a lot of missing pets posters. Are these fights supposedly happening in a building or what?

AUG. 7
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We had this problem in Bucktown many years ago. The cops finally made a dent, but apparently it takes time to root them all out. Definitely call the cops, animal control, and any animal rights orgs you can think of (they'll put some pressure on the police) if you've been hearing rumors. They were very good about checking out leads when that crap was happening in our hood years ago.

AUG. 7
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I just put in a report here at Animal Control and Rescue. You folks that live near that area, please do the same so the city will get out there and investigate.

AUG. 7
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I just put in a report here at Animal Control and Rescue. You folks that live near that area, please do the same so the city will get out there and investigate.

AUG. 7

Martha Hack
petrealtor , 42 year resident of Albany Park
Mary, I am the beat facilitator for beat 1723 in albany park as well as an animal rescue person for famous fido rescue in Andersonville, and I can tell you this definitely smells like a dog fighting ring to me!!! The same thing happened in Albany Park last year. Dogs and cats missing!! Then the ring was busted! 6 arrests made this july against these guys who are als0 part of the MLD Street Gang. There is now zero tol. on this gang because they were involved in a shooting of 2 children in Avondale Park in June of this year!

2 of the guys involved lived right around the corner from me! There is a court case pending on these guys that I am also following in court at branch 43.

If you have any info on the address, please contact the neighborhood relations department of your police station & mark george, the dog sergeant for the city of chicago. If you need any help, please let me know!! This has to be stopped!! They are feeding people's pets to the dogs they are abusing, killing, and fighting for money!!!!

AUG. 7

While I'm sure this particular horrifying thing occurs (and I do hear it every time a pet goes missing), I really do think that most often the pet either gets out somehow, or gets snatched by someone who either wants to keep or sell them. I see so many cats in my neighborhood running loose, and they all look well-fed; so they are no doubt someone's pets.

AUG. 8

F. R. Johnson
Ravenswood old buildings enthusiast
Granville and Kenmore? People around there need to listen very carefully because fighting dogs make a lot of noise unless the perpetrators have constructed some sort of sound proof area. I'm hoping the rumors are not true. If they are, whoever is responsible should be locked in a pen with hungry alligators!

AUG. 8

Chris G
on/off RP resident since '88.Musician/Programmer.
Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help- anything. I could not stand the thought of losing either one of my animals to this atrocity. I have both a dog and cat. My dog is rather big (115 lbs) but such a teddy bear and a lover of all creatures. Gang bangers are always asking what type of dog he is and I can't help but thinking that they want the breed for fighting, so I make stuff up. While Granville and Kenmore is a little south of me, this could be going on anywhere and I would like to get involved in anyway I can to stop this. Please contact me if I can help. Thanks.


AUG. 8

Jennifer in Ravenswood
10 year Ravenswood, Lincoln Sq. resident
All, Anyone interested in helping to stop these people should check out Safe Humane Chicago. If you happen to have free time during the week, they have a court advocate program where volunteers attend the trials for these thugs. It puts pressure on the judges, if needed, to dole out harsher sentences and it provides support for the prosecutors of these cases and especially the branch of the police dept. which handles these cases. The officer that spoke about this at the last meeting I was at said that these volunteers' presence really makes a difference. The organization also has other ways to get involved including community outreach - to get to the kids before they become involved - and rehabilitation for the victims (dogs) of the abuse. I am hearing more and more about dog fighting in our area and it is horrifying. It would be great if we could fix this.

AUG. 8

Values community.
I just looked at the Safe Humane Chicago site...looks like a great program.

I also read on the site that you can call with an *anonymous tip*. It says,"If you observe or suspect dog fighting is occurring, call 911 immediately."

AUG. 9

Against The Grain
Lincoln Square
I think this might be more a case of a very hot summer, and cats escaping out windows. And that comes from my observation of seeing more windows open on my travels through the neighborhood than before. Many times there is a cat sitting behind a screen. Often, that screen has signs of some sort of claw damage.

AUG. 10

Chicago Native, Advocate for the South Side
Please keep your cats in the house!


Chicago is the dogfighting capital. Don't leave dogs unattended in yards and please not at the grocery store while you are shopping.